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Online learning: notable quotes III


Online learning: notable quotes III

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Here are some notable quotes about the world of online learning from the past several months.

On the future of e-learning

“For better or for worse, imagine a near future in which your avatar can attend high school in a Second Life-like environment, your body no longer required to sit quietly in a row and your mind no longer obliged to settle for what the local district can offer. You won’t need a locker, and if you realize with swooping horror that there’s a big test today and you’re not ready, you can stop time and study until you are. And your avatar’s skin is clear. And you can fly.”
Carlo Rotella, reporter, New York Times
SOURCE: “Anytime, Anywhere,” New York Times, September 16, 2010

On credibility of online learning

“We’ve found that in general there is a much greater acceptance of an accredited online degree by HR professionals. This is great news for people who want to go back to school, especially in tough times when you want to be as marketable as possible and have that college professionalism.”
Helen MacDermott, eLearners.com, commenting on survey of nearly 500 members of Society for Human Resource Management
SOURCE: “Survey: HR More Open To Applicants With Online DegreesNY 1, September 29, 2010

On Education 2.0

“…I am of the opinion that the distinction between formal learning (school) and informal learning (museums, Internet, community classes, affinity groups, etc.) is one that is both artificial and obsolete. In Education 2.0 there should be multiple providers of educational experiences, and standard discovery mechanisms that allow great experiences to spread virally as well as standard ways to give students credit for what they know and can do rather than for what classes they’ve sat through.”
Marie Bjerede, vice president of wireless education technology at Qualcomm, Inc.
SOURCE: “Education as a platform,” O’Reilly Radar, September 28, 2010

On professional development

“A series of online professional development courses that focus on specific content and target student learning needs can have positive effects on teacher knowledge and instructional practices.”
Laura O’Dwyer, associate professor of education, Boston College, commenting on a study on the impact of online professional development for educators
SOURCE: “‘e-Learning’ report shows online professional development aids teachers and students,” e! Science News, August 16, 2010

On online simulations

“NASA may not be sending astronauts back to the moon anytime this decade, but the space agency hopes to give virtual explorers a sense of what life on the moon would be like in a new computer game launching this month.”
Jeremy Hsu, senior writer, SPACE.com
SOURCE: “Moonbase Alpha: New NASA game lets you run a virtual lunar station,” SPACE.com, July 7, 2010