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Winchester Center Adds Organizational Creativity and Innovation Courses

Winchester Center Adds Organizational Creativity and Innovation Courses

Winchester Center Adds Organizational Creativity and Innovation Courses

May 12, 2008

The Winchester Center for Management Development has added two MindEdge courses focused on organizational creativity and innovation: “Creativity in Teams and Organizations” and “Innovation in Organizations.”

The Winchester Center provides an online forum for courses in business, management, leadership, and communications. Through the use of selected readings, video, Internet interactivity, and simulations, these courses highlight the latest thinking on creativity and innovation in an engaging and structured manner. Both courses draw on Adrian Brown’s book Creativity & Innovation (MindEdge Press 2007).

“Creativity in Teams and Organizations” looks at spurring creativity and innovation in teams and organizations. Drawing on the latest academic thinking, it outlines the key factors for creative teams. Further, the course focuses on tools and techniques designed to yield more productive thinking in collective settings. Participants learn about a number of targeted tools (including brainstorming, Discussion 66, Provocation, and others) to generate fresh thinking in smaller group settings and in their organizations.

“Innovation in Organizations” reviews innovation in corporations and in the public sector. It reviews the latest academic thinking on the topic, including Clay Christensen's seminal thinking on disruptive technology and the proper organizational response. Further, it explores some of the internal responses to the need for creativity, including idea champions, idea incubators, new venture teams and skunk works, and the process of moving from innovation to commercialization.

This course is designed to appeal to those interested in innovation tools that can help organizations more effectively address the challenge balancing of creativity and value creation.

A list of all Winchester Center courses can be found at www.execlearn.com.

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