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Three Propel Career Success Courses Launched

Three Propel Career Success Courses Launched

Three Propel Career Success Courses Launched

April 5, 2017

MindEdge Learning has added three courses to its Propel program: Finding Purpose in Your Career, Personal Branding, and the First Thirty Days
(a course aimed at those starting a new job). Aimed primarily at college students and recent graduates, Propel courses help prepare those entering
the world of work for success.

Propel courses are available on MindEdge Online. The courses include games,
exercises, quizzes, and video segments from experienced managers offering real-world advice.

Finding Purpose in Your Career helps people understand how their job can contribute to their sense of fulfillment in life. The course prompts learners to
examine various job settings and functions, comparing each against their own preferences, values, and expectations, in order to determine the best job fit.

Personal Branding focuses on teaching how to create and develop a professional brand. It explores the value of personal branding, the way to craft a personal
brand, and finally, the best methods for communicating a personal brand to clients, employers, and other industry professionals.

The First Thirty Days helps learners start off right in the critical first month of a new job. It explains the importance of workplace culture, reviews what
managers look for when employees start a new job, and discusses how to have a successful first day on the job. Further, the course explores ways to overcome early
challenges in the workplace.

Successful completion of any Propel course earns learners a MindEdge badge. This symbol of achievement, aligned with Mozilla
Open Badges, can be stored in a learner’s Mozilla Backpack for sharing across career sites, social networks, and personal
portfolios. More information on Open Badges can be found at http://openbadges.org.

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