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Online Tool, The Manager’s Edge™, Introduced

Online Tool, The Manager’s Edge™, Introduced

Online Tool, The Manager’s Edge™, Introduced

December 28, 2010

MindEdge is introducing The Manager’s Edge™, an online training tool that helps accelerate the development of supervisors and managers through scenario-based learning. The program can assist individuals in transitioning to a new management role, or provide support for further development of the managerial mindset.

The foundation of the self-paced program are some 20 scenarios illustrating common challenges faced by managers, including handling conflict, administering corporate policies, dealing with difficult employees, and leading a team. Organizations can select those scenarios deemed most pertinent for its managerial training and decision support.

Examples of the scenarios in The Manager’s Edge™ include:

  • Where to draw the line on delegating work to subordinates
  • How to deal with a distracted employee
  • What to do when a former peer seeks special treatment
  • How to assess and make revisions in a cost budget
  • When and how to involve the HR department in personnel matters
  • How to resolve continuing conflict between co-workers

The Manager’s Edge™ offers learners an opportunity to evaluate the situation and then choose between competing responses, or to craft their own. Each decision point includes feedback on each specific scenario choice by HR experts, including video commentary; a review of managerial best practices; and a scorecard reviewing the impact of the learner’s choices. By highlighting ways that a manager can respond to these workplace challenges, and by honing the managerial mindset, The Manager’s Edge™ better prepares managers for resolving future problems.

The Manager’s Edge™ can be delivered in two ways: traditional learning mode where learners access the scenarios in a sequential manner or push learning mode where learners receive an e-mail directing them to
individual case studies on a schedule determined by the company’s HR or learning department. For example, a new manager might be asked to complete 20 scenarios in the
month before his or her promotion becomes effective.

Customization of The Manager’s Edge™ for a specific organization or industry is available. MindEdge can work with you to tailor the program to meet your needs and insure that feedback conforms to your policies and procedures.

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For more information about The Manager’s Edge™, contact either Tom Mitro (tmitro@mindedge.com) or Gary Dulling (gdulling@mindedge.com) at (781) 250-1805.