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MindEdge Scholars Program Announced

MindEdge Scholars Program Announced

MindEdge Scholars Program Announced

February 2, 2009

A new initiative, the MindEdge Scholars Program, will help students from disadvantaged backgrounds earn college credit by offering no-cost online preparation and by subsidizing test fees for the College Board’s College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®).

Selected students will be granted access to CLEP® test preparation courses in popular college subjects and, after successfully completing a course, will have their $70 test fee subsidized by MindEdge. When they pass the test, they can earn college credit. (Over 2,900 colleges accept CLEP courses for credit.)

MindEdge’s Scholars Program will commence with MindEdge’s American Government CLEP® preparation course and then expand to other CLEP® areas. MindEdge’s American Government course reviews the material common to most college introductory American Government courses. Self-paced, it further provides a diagnostic pretest to measure readiness, sequential instruction, interactive lessons and exercises, a full-length practice examination, and an accelerated QuickTrack option for those seeking an abbreviated review. The course also offers expert video commentary, links to historical documents, and innovative graphic (comics) non-fiction presentations of key moments in American history.

“The MindEdge Scholars Program will help promising students earn college credit at no cost and will assist them in achieving their academic goals,” said Jefferson Flanders, president of MindEdge. “It rewards the perseverance and hard work of students willing to prepare independently for CLEP® exams.”

D. Quinn Mills, chairman of the MindEdge board, added: “This program reflects MindEdge’s corporate philosophy of giving for empowerment. The students involved will benefit from MindEdge’s engaging and effective online courses and receive a lasting benefit in the form of college credits toward their degree.”

CLEP® and College-Level Examination Program® are registered trademarks of the College Board, which does not endorse this program.

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For more information and for student eligibility requirements, contact Caitlin Powers, MindEdge Scholars Program coordinator, at 781-250-1805, or email cpowers@mindedge.com.