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MindEdge Press Publishes Lisa A. Sisco’s “Strategic Communication: Persuasion at Work”

MindEdge Press Publishes Lisa A. Sisco’s “Strategic Communication: Persuasion at Work”

MindEdge Press Publishes Lisa A. Sisco’s “Strategic Communication: Persuasion at Work”

October 23, 2006

MindEdge Press today announced the publication of “Strategic Communication: Persuasion at Work” by Johnson & Wales University professor Dr. Lisa A. Sisco, a book providing practical guidance for improving communication skills in today’s workplace.

“Strategic Communication” focuses on enhancing communication through analysis and planning, and through applying and executing these strategic concepts in the emails, memos and presentations employed in organizational settings. Dr. Sisco notes that strategic communication “should always be well planned and that it should be aligned with the larger goals of your organization.”

Further, Dr. Sisco emphasizes that to become an effective communicator you must “…see things through the eyes of your audience and through your own eyes—at the same time and then learn how to reconcile the differences in those two ways of seeing.”

“Organizations of all types are looking to improve the communication skills of their staff; Lisa Sisco’s new book offers fresh ways to do just that,” said Jefferson Flanders, President of MindEdge and Managing Director of MindEdge Press. “It can help all those looking to be more persuasive communicators.”

Flanders noted that Dr. Sisco’s book will also be published in translation by MindEdge’s Japanese partner, First Press (Tokyo).

The book can also be enhanced by employing the companion MindEdge online program, “Strategic Communication.” The program expands on the book’s major themes and provides interactive exercises, additional readings, and tools for more effective communication.

For more information on, or to order copies of, “Strategic Communication: Persuasion at Work,” visit www.MindEdgePress.com or contact MindEdge Press at 781 250-1805, ext. 225.

TITLE: Strategic Communication: Persuasion at Work

AUTHOR: Lisa A. Sisco

PUBLICATION DATE: October 20, 2006

ISBN: 0-9770626-3-5

PRICE: $39.95; Softcover

About the Author

Lisa A. Sisco is a Professor in the Alan Shawn Feinstein Graduate School at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island where she teaches courses in written and oral communications in the MBA program with an emphasis on effective business writing.

A member of the Association for Business Communication, Dr. Sisco has taught writing and presenting courses for corporate and not-for-profit organizations, including a workshop for physicians on the Grand Rounds of Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Sisco received her doctorate in Composition/Rhetoric and American Literature from the University of New Hampshire, focusing on 19th century literature and the narratives of Frederick Douglass. Dr. Sisco earned a bachelors and masters degree from Georgetown University.

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