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MindEdge Learning Workshop Opens

MindEdge Learning Workshop Opens

MindEdge Learning Workshop Opens

October 30, 2009

The MindEdge Learning Workshop is now open.

This virtual workplace will focus on ideas, insights, and innovations in the world of learning. It will include blog posts, white papers, instructional design tips, interviews with leading education and training innovators, and discussions of key issues.

The MindEdge Learning Workshop will review ways to help adult learners improve their comprehension, more effectively build skills and competencies, and reach mastery of concepts, ideas, and knowledge. While some of the ongoing discussion will be about employing technology to accelerate learning, the Learning Workshop will focus on the process of teaching and learning–not on the tools alone.

“The Learning Workshop represents part of our ongoing continuous improvement practice,” said Jefferson Flanders, president of MindEdge. “We hope to spur discussion about innovations in learning and to share best practices in the field within the education and training community.”

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For more information, contact Jefferson Flanders, President of MindEdge, at 781-250-1805, or email jflanders@mindedge.com.