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MindEdge Launches Sustainable Management Program

MindEdge Launches Sustainable Management Program

MindEdge Launches Sustainable Management Program

August 30, 2010

MindEdge has launched its new online Sustainable Management program, including courses on leadership ethics and sustainability, corporate social responsibility, triple bottom line (TBL) accounting, and ways to measure sustainable management. In addition, the program features a management simulation, Taking the Helm at Coastal Industries.

MindEdge’s program looks at how sustainable management can help a company achieve long-run profitability while protecting the environment and improving the lives of the people with whom it interacts. It covers other key topics including: the business case for an organization embracing sustainable management; how the triple bottom line concept and its three pillars of “People, Planet and Profits” can be employed by organizations; how to recognize and implement best practices for measuring sustainable
management efforts.

The program includes the following self-paced, web-based courses:

  • Leadership Ethics and Sustainability
  • Overview of Sustainable Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Triple Bottom Line Accounting
  • Measuring Sustainable Management
  • Simulation: Taking the Helm at Coastal Industries

MindEdge’s latest simulation, Taking the Helm at Coastal Industries, asks the learner to play the role of the new CEO of a fictional manufacturer of industrial transformers. During the simulation, the learner must make a series of decisions as Coastal Industries adopts sustainable management practices. These decisions will involve the company’s operations, its standing in the community, and its relations with local government and state and federal regulators.

At each decision point, an adaptive scoreboard tracks the overall impact of a learner’s decision on organizational sustainability. Video commentary from sustainable
management experts coach learners through the pros and cons of each decision. These
experts draw from their own experiences in providing context and insight on how the
decision might be handled.

MindEdge’s Sustainable Management program is offered through MindEdge Online and many of MindEdge’s continuing education and training partners. Each 5-7 hour course is ideally suited for adult professionals; the 10-hour simulation can be employed as a stand-alone learning experience or as capstone to the program.

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For more information about MindEdge’s Sustainable Management program, contact either Tom Mitro (tmitro@mindedge.com) or Gary Dulling (gdulling@mindedge.com) at (781) 250-1805.