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MindEdge Launches Quality Management Course

MindEdge Launches Quality Management Course

MindEdge Launches Quality Management Course

June 1, 2012

MindEdge is now offering Quality Management Basics, an online course that provides a firm foundation for anyone looking to understand quality management practices and techniques.

Learners who successfully complete the course can earn 12 professional development units (PDUs) recognized by the Project Management Institute. The self-paced course is available on MindEdge Online and through selected training and project management partners.

Quality Management Basics combines instructional material with interactive exercises, vocabulary games, and flashcards to explain the core concepts and strategies of effective quality management. Case studies and examples from manufacturing and service sectors help to explain the nuances of quality concepts, while video segments from experienced quality management professionals provide expert insight into the real-world application of quality principles.

The course explores how specific techniques like Six Sigma, Lean, and other quality approaches can be used to monitor and control quality. Learners also discover how using these tools in combination can create powerful plans and solutions to quality problems. Further, the course explains how quantitative and qualitative data can be employed to measure and control work and how quality analysis and quality planning approaches can help meet customer expectations.

Quality Management Basics is recommended for anyone seeking to gain a basic understanding of quality management. The course has no textbooks or prerequisites.

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