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MindEdge Launches Online College Writing Program

MindEdge Launches Online College Writing Program

MindEdge Launches Online College Writing Program

August 8, 2012

MindEdge has expanded its offerings to higher education partners with the addition of a new college-level introductory writing program. This next-generation of online learning includes three semester-long courses: Composition 1: Introduction to College Writing; Composition 2: Research Writing; and Communications.

MindEdge’s online writing courses offer colleges and universities a unique way to reach today’s tech-savvy student. Courses can be accessed from any computer, iPad, or tablet with an Internet connection and do not require textbooks. All supporting media, articles, and writing excerpts can be accessed within the course. Mobile apps allow access from smart phones.

These high-quality courses engage learners through the use of narrative learning and align with CLEP and other national standards. Colleges and universities have the option to offer the writing courses through MindEdge’s LMS or the courses can be integrated into all major learning management systems through Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI).

MindEdge’s online college courses are instructor-ready with assessments, essay prompts, and discussion questions. Courses support peer review activities and include access to the MindEdge Writing Pad to enable student writing and coaching sessions. Games and activities in grammar, mechanics, research documentation, and style enable students to practice these skills as necessary.

Schools can choose to purchase a license to offer MindEdge courses with pricing based on a per-student-fee, or have students pay a $99 access fee for the MindEdge course (just as if they were purchasing a textbook).

Each of the courses seeks to develop student mastery in different areas of writing competency:

  • Composition 1: Introduction to College Writing: introduces learners to the type of writing and thinking that is valued in college and beyond. Students will practice writing in several genres and media, with emphasis placed on writing and revising academic arguments.
  • Composition 2: Research Writing: builds on concepts introduced in Composition 1 and helps writers focus on building and sustaining a researched argument. Writers will practice delivering an argument to multiple audiences, with support for a research paper format, a presentation format, an elevator pitch podcast format, and an editorial format.
  • Communications: introduces learners to the types of writing and presentations valued by employers and necessary for success in the workplace. In addition to practicing writing in various formats common at work, students will gain an understanding of the ethics and politics involved in workplace communication, and they’ll practice writing for different audiences.

The MindEdge online writing program has been developed and reviewed by experienced college writing instructors and benefits from MindEdge’s experience with educating adult learners and students over the past decade through online courses and simulations.

About MindEdge

MindEdge, founded by Harvard and M.I.T. educators, is an online learning company based in Waltham, MA. MindEdge offers institutions of higher education an affordable option for high quality college courses in leadership, management, and communications.


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