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MindEdge Accelerates Access with the Cloud

MindEdge Accelerates Access with the Cloud

MindEdge Accelerates Access with the Cloud

September 30, 2011

MindEdge is now accelerating access for global learners to its video and interactive content through cloud computing. The company has completed a successful transition to Amazon’s CloudFront, a content distribution network (CDN), to better support website images, audio, video, media files and software downloads for learners outside of North America.

MindEdge made the move due to increasing demand for video in its courses and simulations as well as a desire to meet learner needs, regardless of geographical location. Placing MindEdge content on a CDN will improve performance for learners, as it increases access bandwidth and redundancy while reducing access latency (how much time it takes for data to get from one designated point to another).

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience of our learners,” said Sandra Diodati, chief operating officer of MindEdge. “Turning to a content distribution network will allow us to stream video from edge servers around the world to students, ensuring optimal interaction with our courses.”

In addition to the CloudFront servers in North and South America, MindEdge content will also reside on servers located in Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Germany), and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan).

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