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95 Percent Group, Inc Offers MindEdge-Developed Courses

95 Percent Group, Inc Offers MindEdge-Developed Courses

95 Percent Group, Inc Offers MindEdge-Developed Courses

May 5, 2009

95 Percent Group, Inc., a leader in the field of reading education, has launched its first online courses, developed in collaboration with MindEdge.

Among the initial courses offered online in a self-paced format are “Lesson Planning – The Blueprint for Intervention:™ Phonics” and “Using DIBELS Data to Inform Instruction” (which is offered in versions tailored for grades K-1 and 2-3). 95 Percent Group is now offering these innovative courses to state and local boards of education, school districts, and individual schools as a way of extending and broadening professional development and training.

“We see these online courses as a valuable tool to help teachers learn how to dramatically increase students’ reading skills over short periods of time,” said Susan L. Hall, EdD., founder of 95 Percent Group. “They are based on our successful training programs which employ research-based methods, and have enabled schools to raise student reading scores.”

Hall said that the online courses were part of 95 Percent Group’s commitment to its education partners that, given appropriate initial instruction and focused small-group intervention, a minimum of 95% of kindergarten through 3rd grade students can successfully read at, or above, their grade level.

MindEdge’s development team assisted 95 Percent Group in creating the courses based on the company’s face-to-face seminars, employing MindEdge’s expertise in reaching adult learners with effective web-based instruction.

About 95 Percent Group, Inc.

95 Percent Group, Inc. is based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and provides education, consulting, and professional development services nation-wide, with clients in more than 35 states.

About MindEdge

MindEdge, a learning company based in Waltham, MA, provides leadership, management, communication, and educational solutions for organizations to help them meet their objectives.


For more information about 95 Percent Group, Inc., visit http://www.95percentgroup.com/ or contact Jaci Rachke at 847-499-8206, or email jrachke@95percentgroup.com.

For more information about MindEdge’s custom course development, contact Gary Dulling at 781-250-1805, or email gdulling@mindedge.com.