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MindEdge releases “The Microlearning Trend” white paper


MindEdge releases “The Microlearning Trend&# …

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MindEdge has released “The Microlearning Trend,” a white paper on the move to brief learning. It can be downloaded by clicking here.

As the white paper notes, whether it is called “microlearning,” “learning bursts,” or “bite-size learning,” there has been a dramatic shift in today’s world of training and development. Corporations are moving away from day-long training events in an effort to maximize real learning while minimizing time spent devoted to training.

“The Microlearning Trend” adds: “Experts say that this approach aligns with research showing that we learn better when engaged in short, focused sessions. Corporations and other organizations find this technology-assisted microlearning appealing because it can, in part, replace costly off-site training and deliver just-in-time knowledge and skills when they are most needed.”

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