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MindEdge accessibility praised

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Because accessibility continues to be an integral part of MindEdge’s course development process, we are always looking for ways to assess the usability of our courses for all learners, and especially those with disabilities.
We believe that “effective instructional design, good web design, and learner-focused accessibility are synonymous” and MindEdge attempts to develop its courses and simulation with that in mind.
While we review our courses internally, it’s helpful to get feedback from students, instructors, and others. Accessibility expert Everett Zufelt recently reviewed our Agile Test Prep course and praised many of its features. (NOTE: MindEdge provided Zufelt with complimentary access to the course.)
Zuflelt described his experience with the course in a recent post on his blog. Like many students, Zufelt says he enjoyed the mixed media format of the course, adding, “I could tell from the beginning that MindEdge’s team had been paying attention to accessibility.”
Zufelt did make suggestions for improvement: “As I worked through the course I did find a few interfaces which needed improvement, and as I made recommendations the development team made several changes to improve the accessibility of the interface.”
After taking our test prep course, Zufelt passed the the Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner certification (PMI-ACP)PMI-ACP exam, which consists of 120 multiple choice questions. He even completed it in less time than the standard time limit.
We are grateful for Zufelt’s review not only because it shows us that our commitment to accessibility is meaningful and worthwhile, but also because it reminds us that considering the learner’s perspective is key to developing effective online courses.
Click to access MindEdge’s white paper on online learning accessibility.

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