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It’s helpful to step back and ask a series of questions about how technology assists, or hampers, your online learning efforts.

Some of the questions you should consider include the following:

  • How well does your organization’s online learning match up with the technological capabilities of students and prospective learners? On the one hand, can you meet the needs of those with smartphones and other mobile devices? On the other hand, can you provide access to those in low bandwidth environments or those who have disabilities?
  • Does your organization provide a learning platform that is easy to navigate and offers the interactivity and communication tools your learners need? Can it handle third-party plugins (Adobe Connect, Facebook, etc.)?
  • Is your organization making effective use of video in your online learning? Are you leveraging available software to offer the most engaging learning possible?
  • If you are using content or courses from third parties, does your learning management system have the capability of integrating standardized content packages such as SCORM or LTI?
  • Are you prepared to handle technology issues raised by learners? Is your IT help desk or customer service function ready to handle, and resolve, complaints and concerns?
  • What about organizational technology challenges? Does your organization have contingency plans in place to deal with system failures or service interruptions?
  • How is your organization monitoring new developments in technology and how they impact online learning? Do you have members in your organization who are following the latest trends?

Organizations that seek continuous improvement are asking these questions on a consistent basis. The process of questioning your organization’s use of technology can help you enhance and elevate your online learning now and in the future.

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